Photography Tips

 » Respect and Follow park Rules.
 » Never step out of your vehicle.
 » Keep your children stay calm.
 » Always keep the camera loaded
 » 35mm with 400 asa/iso film is advised and carry as many.
 » 70-300mm Lens is ideal and suitable.
 » Lens hood and Ultra violet Filter are must.
 » Carry a monopod for easy and good maneuvering, as tripods are inconvenient.
 » For digital users put the camera in fine mode (Picture quality) at ISO 400.
 » Motor driven cameras are advised for fast and continuous shooting.
 » Cover your camera with a soft cloth to protect from dust and heat.
 » Carry a air blower brush (Big)
 » Carry a beanbag (Small) for resting your lenses while shooting.
 » Swiss army knife is an essential tool.